Self-healing with Essential Oils.

Did you know that we all have the ability to heal ourselves?  Sounds fantastic doesn't it?  Well, it is!

Self-healing has many forms, from the regeneration of our cells through our "inner magic", diet or meditation to our some extra help: Mother Earth, La Pacha-mama.

Essential oils are a tool to heal from the loving hand of nature. It is a conscious healing because we approach from a state of being where we accept the wisdom of nature into our being and we let it act. We activate its maximum capacity with our desire of healing. If we let our intuition speak to us,  we can delve into the root of the disease.

When using an essential oil blend, remember that your hands also bring love and healing. Speak to your body with love and command your cells to be in perfect order. Your loving body will know how to listen and obey.